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Hi, I'm Adam

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Hi, I'm Adam (and this is my buddy, Hud). I'm a licensed Psychotherapist (LMSW) based in New York. I have spent most of my adult life working with young people, individuals with learning disabilities, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Before becoming a therapist, I worked as an artist and special ed certified teacher in a variety of K-12 settings.


I am passionate about working with individuals and populations that have not historically been seen or treated respectfully by the therapeutic establishment. My approach utilizes a strengths-based approach over pathologizing an individual's behavior and challenges. 


I seek to bring competence and humility to my work with clients. I approach our work through an anti-oppressive, queer-focused lens. I do this because age, race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, and many other external factors matter in how we see ourselves (as well as how we are seen and treated). Our work does not occur in a vacuum, and I know that my clients’ lives are deeply enmeshed in structures that can be highly challenging to their mental health.

Other possibly relevant facts: I made animation for many years but now enjoy crafting, in particular making new textile patterns. I love tattooing, most shades of purple, racoons, dogs, and meditation. I’m a big fan of science fiction and fantasy. I love music, making playlists, and will probably ask you what album you’d bring on a desert island.



Masters of Social Work, New York University

New York State Certification in Special Education

Masters of Science in Education, The Bank Street College of Education

Bachelors in Cultural Studies, McGill University

I am working under the supervision of Chris Panzica, LCSW.  


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